BuyMyApple is part of FixMyBrokenMac Ltd. We have been trading for over 15 years and it is safe to say, we are nuts about Macs. Since we opened our first retail store in July 2016 we are constantly asked about refurbished Macs, and so BuyMyApple was born. We are located in the centre of Birmingham, in a creative hub known as the Custard Factory, feel free to pop-in and have a browse.
Will: Will has 25 years experience fixing and selling Macs, but these days he oversees the strategic direction of the company.
Joe: Joe runs the business on a day to day basis, if you phone or email us, chances are you will be speaking to Joe.
Lucas: Lucas is our lead engineer, the man is not just called a genius, he is a genius. Armed with a microscope, soldering iron and 15 years experience, chances are he can fix anything with a circuit board.
Callum: Callum is in charge of preparing and testing all Macs prior to sale. He’s pretty good at fixing things too.

Will Woodhouse CEO/Founder

Joe Shop Manager

Callum Engineer / iPhone Expert

Lucas Senior Engineer

Stuart Courier