Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a device

How long is your warranty?

All devices come with 12 month warranty as standard. Selected devices can be extended up to 12 months.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers any hardware fault which occurs during your chosen warranty period provided they have not occurred due to accidental damage or clear mis-use of the device. So if your device develops a fault during normal use, just send it back to us and we’ll repair it. If you have dropped it and broken the screen of spilled liquid on it and the keyboard has stopped working, we’re afraid that is not covered, though you can still send it to us for a repair quote. The warranty does not cover software problems, but if there is any chance the problem is with the hardware, you can send it in to us and we’ll check it out.

Does the warranty cover batteries?

The battery is a crucial part of mobile devices such as laptops, iPads and iPhones and so if the battery is not working, we consider that a fault and it is covered under warranty. However, all rechargeable batteries gradually reduce in capacity over time and so this is normal and does not necessarily represent a fault. To provide you with assurance that your device remains useable, we will replace the battery for you within your warranty period if it falls below 60% of the charge capacity when we sold it to you.

Where do you get your devices from?

BuyMyApple is operated by FixMyBrokenMac Ltd. and we are sold devices by individual consumers through this site. Some customer decide not to have their machines repaired by us, and instead choose to sell them. We repair these machines where possible and sell them here. Our trade-in checks all serial numbers against the checkMEND of stolen devices which is also used by the UK police force to log all stolen devices.

How can you guarantee you wont sell me a broken machine?

We can’t 100% guarantee you wont have an issue with a device we sell you, but hat we can do is assure you that the chances of this happening are minimised by a thorough testing process prior to the device going on sale.

If you do have a problem, we will resolve it as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to you.

What if my machine breaks?

If the device we send you is found to be faulty when it arrives, we will arrange and pay for immediate collection. If a fault develops during the warranty period, you will need to send the device back to us at your expense. We will always do all we can to repair your device rather than replace it. We have most spare parts in stock. In the event that the part required to repair your machine is not available, we will supply you with a machine of the same or better specification and condition, and will transfer your data onto the replacement machine so disruption is kept to a minimum.

What if my device arrives damaged?

Firstly, this is unlikely because we ship all our refurbished devices in custom packaging that we have designed for each type of machine. We don’t want our lovingly refurbished machines pointlessly damaged by insufficient packaging any more than you do. Our shipping is fully insured so even if your product is damaged, we will get it collected and you can choose either a full refund or a replacement product.

Is it not cheaper to buy from eBay?

Our aim is to take the risk and hassle out of buying a second hand Apple computer by using only expert engineers to refurbish all the products we sell, and by offering a rock-solid, long warranty. These are expensive overheads that private sellers and many companies selling on eBay, do not have. We do not claim to match pricing on eBay as this is not a like-for-like comparison and if we did, we would not be able to provide the quality alternative experience that we do.

How long will it take for my machine to arrive?

All the products on our store are ready to ship same day if ordered by 3pm on any working day (Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays) provided you have not requested customisation, and we ship via UPS next working day (Mon-Fri excluding bank holidays) which is guaranteed to most areas of the UK. So if you order before 3pm on a Wednesday, it will arrive at it’s destination on Thursday. Order after 3pm on Wednesday and it will arrive on Friday. Order by 3pm on a Friday and it will arrive on Monday. Order after 3pm on a Friday and it will arrive Tuesday. Remote areas excluded. See UPS time in transit page to check your postcode. Note that quoted times are for delivery to your chosen destination so if you choose UPS Access point delivery, the quoted time to for delivery to your chosen access point from where your product must be collected.

Do you offer finance options?

Yes, we offer a service from a company called Klarna. Klarna allows you to pay in 3, interest-free instalments or delay your payment by 30 days. Simply select ‘pay later’ or ‘Pay in 3’ after selecting ‘Klarna’ at checkout.

Alternatively, sign up for PayPal Finance and then pay using PayPal. PayPal finance offers  4 interest-free instalments.

How does the data migration service work?

We realise that sometimes you will be upgrading from an older machine, or you have a broken machine that you need the data retrieving from, When you select the data migration service, we will arrange to collect your old Mac, migrate your data to the new Mac prior to sending it to you. We will then either return your old machine to you or securely dispose of it on your behalf.

Selling a device

Do I have to send you my Apple product before getting paid?

Yes you do. We have to verify that the device is as described before sending payment. We realise this requires a degree of trust but Infinite Loop is an established company and we would not risk damaging our reputation by being anything other than trustworthy and reliable.

Does my device have to be fully working?

No. One of the great things about BuyMyApple is that it is run by Infinite Loop, a company that specialises in Apple repairs. We can therefore buy Macs, iPads and iPhones in pretty much any condition and strip them down for parts. You obviously won’t get as much but it is better than sticking it in landfill. Better for you and the environment.

Will you pay the sum quoted?

Yes. Provided you have selected the condition and accessories supplied options that best describe the Apple product we receive from you, that the product is complete and not an assembled collection of faulty parts, and provided it is received by us within 24 days from booking in, we will always pay the sum we quoted when the device was booked in. Even if there is a minor discrepency, we take the view that this was probably unintentional and usually still pay the quoted amount as we have no intention of playing games or upsetting our valued customers. Obviously if there is a significant discrepency then we reserve the right to re-quote as I am sure you would expect. See our FAQ on most common reasons for requoting. Please note that where payment by PayPal is chosen, PayPal will deduct their normal fees (typically 3.4%) for receiving money from the sum we send.

Will I get paid in 48 hours?

You can be paid within 48hrs of us receiving your device but this depends on three things; your chosen payment method, whether your Mac is faulty, and whether you accurately describe it. In most cases your Apple product will be working, and correctly described. In this event, payment will be actioned within 48hrs of receipt by us. Payment by PayPal or bank transfer (BACS), should reach your account immediately. Faulty Macs require two additional working day to assess. Inaccurately described products will delay payment until we are able to agree a resolution with you.

Is this the best price I can get ?

Probably not. If you are prepared to sell your Apple product on the open market i.e. eBay, you may well get a higher price. Our service is designed for those who don’t wish to, or know they will never get around to selling privately and want a quick, simple and risk-free way of selling their Apple product. Having said that, being an Apple specialist, we pay higher rates than general computer trade-in sites.

What are the reasons I might not get the price quoted?

Faulty optical drive : The optical/CD drive is one of the most common items to fail in a Mac because it has moving parts and is prone to getting dust in. When they fail, they often start with the higher level functions first such as DVD burning and since many people don’t use that function, they may not have been aware of the fault. Unfortunately, even if the optical drive works for some functions, if it is faulty in any way then we could not sell the machine as fully working without carrying our a repair and fitting a new drive and so if the machine has been booked in as fully working, we will requote as ‘Booting but faulty’.

Not the correct grade : Although we are lenient on the subjective matter of cosmetic condition, when someone has specifically booked a machine in as grade a, we expect it to be in great shape. If it has dents, cracks, significant scratches or scuffs, we will downgrade the cosmetic condtion and requote. The ‘Excellent Condition’ option is there to reflect the fact that in the parts market, case parts rarely sell unless they are A-grade so we reflect the additional value by offering a higher price.

Cracked Screen/Digitiser : If an iPhone or iPad is booked in as fully working but the screen glass is cracked, we will requote as ‘Booting but faulty’. This is because the digitiser is a functional part of these devices and a crack in the glass presents a risk of injury so would have to be replaced before it unit could be sold as fully working.

Do I need the original box?

No you don’t, but large desktop Macs do need to be shipped in an original Apple box with inserts and so we would have to pre-ship a box to you. You will be informed during the quote process if this is the case. All other Apple products must be packed in a suitable strong box if the original box is not available. Detailed packing guidelines will be emailed to you when you complete the booking. PLEASE ensure you read and follow these instructions. Products damaged in transit due to inadequate packaging will not be covered by insurance.

Why do you charge for a box?

Unfortunately, the boxes we use are expensive and some people get the box and then never send their Mac to us. If you need a box, we will charge you but will add the cost of the box onto the amount we pay you.

What happens to my data?

All Macs are booted from an external test drive during inspection and we do not access any data on your hard disk or SSD. Once payment has been approved, your hard disk or SSD is securely erased if it is fully functional, or physically destroyed if faulty. Hard drives are erased using software to execute a 7-pass multiple pattern overwrite algorithm. Once complete, data recovery is not possible using any software tool and the drive will then be re-used.

How do I de-register my iPhone/iPad?

To reduce the threat of theft, iPhones and iPads can not be erased or reset without the permission of the iCloud account holder to which the device is registered. To de-register from the device iteself, go to Settings, then iCloud, then Find my iPhone, then turn off Find my iPhone. This will require you to enter your iCloud/Apple ID password. To de-register from another device or computer, go to and log into your iCloud account. Click the Settings icon and then select the required device from the My Devices section. From the list that appears, click the X by the device to de-register from your iCloud account.

How do I unlock my iPhone/iPad for use on any network?

Contact your service provider and request it to be unlocked.

How do I disable Apple startup security options?

In 2018, Apple started using the T2 security chip in it’s computers which provided the option of preventing the device being started up from an external device or from an un-authorised system. This was a great feature as it makes these devices far less attractive to thieves. Apple enables these two options by default but this means that if you send us your computer without disabling them first, the computer is completely inaccessible and cannot be erased or resold. If your computer is operational, you must disable these options before sending it to us. The Secure Boot option must be set to No Security and the External Boot option must be set to Allow booting from external media. To access these options, follow Apple’s instructions here.