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We’ve all been there – you’ve had your Apple device for a few years and now, the appeal of a speedy new gadget with better technology is irresistible. If that sounds like you, it may be time to consider selling on your used Apple devices. When looking to sell your old Apple products, however, it’s important to be in the know regarding certain dos and don’ts. For instance, where is the best and safest place to sell your Apple products? Whether you own an iPhone, iMac, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch – or even a combination of these – we can help. This guide will inform you about the pros and cons of selling your old Apple devices, discussing the best and safest places to sell them as well as the critical steps you need to take to safeguard your personal information before you get the sale process rolling.

The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Apple Devices

The Advantages of Selling Your Apple Devices

  • You can upgrade to the newest releases: Undoubtedly the biggest boon for many people, selling your current, old, or broken Apple devices allows you to affordably upgrade to newer ones. We all love gleaming new toys and Apple are the masters of drawing us in to purchase their slick new technology on a yearly cadence.
  • Selling is more environmentally friendly: Choosing to sell on your Apple products so that they can be refurbished or broken down for parts is a more sustainable choice than throwing them away, where they may end up sat on a landfill site for thousands of years to come.
  • You’ll get money back: This extra money can be put towards an upgrade or saved for a rainy day – the choice is yours.

The Disadvantages of Selling Your Apple Devices

Leaves you without a spare: If – and this is a big if – something bad were to happen to your Apple devices, for example, if they were lost or stolen, you’d be left without a potential spare to use whilst your unfortunate situation was resolved. With this said, we hope this never happens to anyone and thankfully, the chances are relatively low if you take an appropriate level of care.

Can You Sell Broken Apple Products?

Yes, absolutely! Broken Apple products can still be a worth a good chunk of money and be repaired for resale. But where to sell your used or broken Apple products? You can sell them online through various sites. Luckily for you, BuyMyApple works alongside Infinite Loop – a company that specialises in the refurbishment of Apple products – to make this process easier for you. We will happily take your broken Apple devices and – depending on their condition – either strip them down for parts or refurbish them, making sure they are fit for resale.

We grade the condition of our products, from grade A, ‘as new’, down to grade D, ‘not functioning’. Just make sure to choose the grade on our site that best represents your product. We are proud to offer a safe way to sell your Apple products.

How to Sell Your Old Apple Products

There are without a doubt some great benefits to selling your used Apple products. If we’ve done our job in convincing you, then this section will answer any burning questions you may have about the process at large. This can include everything from protecting your personal information, selling to a trustworthy seller, and remembering to search the house for any original packaging you may have forgotten about.

Clearing Your Apple Devices Before Selling

It’s crucial to remove any personal data and information that may be on your used Apple devices before selling. Failure to do so will leave you at the risk of fraud and other security related issues. Furthermore, you will need to sign out of all accounts (including Apple Music, iMessage and iCloud) and remember to unlink your Apple ID from the devices in question. This is especially true for Apple watches, iPhones and iPads, which connect to other Apple devices.

Specifically for iPhones and MacBooks, you should always wipe them before selling. On your iPhone, this can be done through the settings app, usually under ‘erase all content and settings’. For a MacBook, you will need to erase your entire Mac and reinstall macOS. For more detailed information on these processes, read our iPhone and MacBook selling guides.

Getting Ready to Sell Your Used Apple Products

Following all the steps to ensure you’re fully prepared for a sale is also hugely important. From the comfort of your own home, you can check your Apple products to accurately assess the condition they’re in. You should also check for original packaging and if you can find it, carefully place the used Apple device inside ready for sale. This process is the same no matter which Apple gadget you own.

Where to Sell Used Apple Products

A few vital questions to consider… Where is the best and safest place to sell your Apple products? Where can I sell my Apple watch? Where can I sell my iPad for cash? You need to find a reputable and safe seller who will provide you with a simple, fair service and offer help along the way. Fortunately, here at BuyMyApple, we have been trading for over 15 years and offer a five-star service for anyone looking to sell a used or even broken iPhone, iMac, MacBook, iPad or Apple watch.

Based in Birmingham, we are proud to offer our customers very reasonable prices, excellent customer service, free shipping and flexible payment options. It’s so simple to sell your old Apple devices with us. If you’re interested, give our friendly team a call on 0121 296 9996 or email us at

Selling Your Apple Devices with BuyMyApple: FAQs

With BuyMyApple, you can sell any of your used Apple products hassle-free!

Sell My Apple Watch

You can sell your Apple watch to us no matter the condition and we will provide you with a fair price and efficient service.

Where Can I Sell My Apple Watch?

We would always recommend finding a reputable seller, such as BuyMyApple, as we offer safe, simple sales for a great price. You can visit our website or visit our store in Birmingham.

How Much Can I Sell My Apple Watch For?

It depends. We would look at which series of Apple watch you are selling, its properties and, of course, the condition. Prices will vary based on these. You can use our handy calculator available on our website to find out now.

Sell My iPad

BuyMyApple is proud to accept sales of old, or even broken iPads, always ensuring you receive a reasonable price and excellent customer service.

Where Can I Sell My iPad for Cash?

As a consumer, you have a myriad of options for where you can sell your iPad for cash. Though, you should always choose somewhere respectable and trustworthy – and here at BuyMyApple, we tick both of those boxes plus even more. It’s straightforward and stress-free to sell your old iPad with us. Please note we make all payments via bank transfer.

Can I Sell My Used Airpods?

Yes, of course! There are several ways in which you can sell your used Air Pods. However, we recommend using BuyMyApple, as we will offer a fair price based on the age and condition of the AirPods you’re looking to sell.

Whether You’re Looking To Sell Your Old iPhone, iPad, Or MacBook – Use Our Handy Calculator For An Instant Quote!

That ends our full guide on selling your old Apple devices. Now that we’ve informed you on the main pros and cons, where to sell your used devices and more – you should feel confident about how and where to sell your old phone, iPad, MacBook or Apple watch. If you have any further questions or simply want to speak to a member of our team, give us a call on 0121 296 9996 or send an email to

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