iMac 27″ Retina 5k 2016


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iMac 27″5k 2015 8GB RAM 1TB HD

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Fully refurbished and tested iMac pre-loaded with a clean install of MacOS 10.14 . This iMac is fitted with 8GB of memory and 1TB HD storage with the assurance of 3 months warranty.

This model has integrated graphics, meaning the graphics processor is built into the main logic board and cannot be upgraded independently. The graphics processor on this iMac is the Iris Pro 5200 1.5GB with a display resolution of .
While the RAM and Hard Drive can be upgraded on this model, but they are not user-upgradeable.

UK mains cable included

Cosmetic condition
This machine is in B Grade condition and comes with minor blemishes which include:

Display: The LCD has one small dark pin sized blemish to the left hand side of the screen (see images attached) this is more prominent on light backgrounds. There is also one faint blemish to the backlight sheet near the right hand corner but this was too faint to show up on a image. Additionally the LCD surface comes with minor surface scratches which are only just visible when the display is off and are not visible when it’s on.

Housing: Excellent condition, minor wearing around the edges.

Leg: Excellent condition, no marks to note.

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Model: iMac 27″
Year: 2015
Processor:3.0GHZ GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8GB RAM