should i repair my broken macbook?

Buying Refurbished: Should I Repair my MacBook or Buy a New One?

The dilemma: should I repair my MacBook or buy a new one?

Whether we use them for work or study – or simply to stay up to date with the latest news and entertainment – our MacBooks can suffer a lot of wear and tear. The signs range from the subtle, such as a slightly slower operating system, to the more extreme – including cracked screens and machines that are incredibly damaged as a result of being dropped or exposed to water. If you’re fed up of waiting for your MacBook to boot and your files to open, it’s understandable that you may be looking for a newer model. However, buying new can be expensive. If you think there might still be some life left in your current MacBook, it may therefore be worth repairing, instead.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding whether to repair your current MacBook or buy a new one. Many factors will come into play, from the age and condition of your current MacBook to your unique requirements and budget. As experts in technological repairs and refurbishments, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you make the best possible decision for you.

Should I buy a new MacBook?

Apple is constantly releasing innovative new products and features, making it incredibly tempting to replace your old MacBook with a newer model – even when there’s still plenty of life left in your current model. But is having a brand-new MacBook that boasts all the latest features really worth it?

The benefits of buying a new MacBook

Greater memory, faster operating systems and higher-quality displays. The world of MacBooks and iMacs is constantly evolving, bringing a myriad of advanced features with it every single day. Purchasing a new MacBook is a great way of introducing these features into your life, perhaps streamlining your tasks and speeding up your workflow. However, these improvements often come with a hefty price tag – and are likely to be replaced with something newer before you’ve even had chance to learn the ins and outs of your new machine. What we’re really trying to say is – it’s best to choose a MacBook based on the features you really need, rather than chasing after the very latest, because it won’t stay innovative for long. Reliable technology you know you can trust often proves the most beneficial in the long run.

The pros

• Enhanced performance
• Improved battery life
• The latest software and features
• An extended warranty

The cons

• New technology isn’t tried and tested in the real world – it can let you down
• It won’t be the latest for long
• You might not need all the new features
• You can get higher quality refurbished MacBooks likely to last longer for the same price

If there’s a brand-new feature you’re just itching to get your hands on or you need to run a specific program that will only work on the very latest operating system, then go ahead – buying a new MacBook is probably a good choice for you. If, however, you’re not sure whether those extra few megapixels or millimetres are necessary – think twice. You’ve probably just fallen victim to the consumer culture and FOMO and could actually make do with your current MacBook after a few quick repairs.

Still need more processing power or think your MacBook is beyond repair? Refurbished MacBooks are a great alternative that still offer a variety of cutting-edge features at just a fraction of the price.

How often should I replace my MacBook?

It all depends on your current MacBook’s features. If you don’t have much RAM but use your MacBook for work or gaming, you’ll likely need to replace your current model within a couple of years – unless you consider upgrading your MacBook with SSD in place of a regular hard drive. Even versions of the iMac and MacBook that cannot officially be upgraded can benefit from SSD installation, provided that you choose a reputable company to carry out the work.

The great thing about MacBooks is that it’s always possible to update them. Even older operating systems can be maintained, as unlike other companies, Apple continuously releases software updates for previous versions, allowing you to continue to run your older systems for years to come.
Apple computers like MacBooks and the iMac are also built to last from a cosmetic point of view. As such, they’re ideal candidates for repair and refurbishment. You’ll only really need to replace your current MacBook when you decide you want to buy into the latest trends – even if it is via another refurbished model – and are ready to trade your current model in.

Should I repair my MacBook?: Advantages

There are many advantages of repairing your current MacBook, whether you have a broken screen, malfunctioning software or an undiagnosed operating problem.

Repairing your current MacBook will:
• Save you money:
• Save you time – you won’t lose any of your programs or files and repairs often take less time to complete than setting up a new system, especially If your device is linked to a wider network:
• Help save the planet – sending damaged MacBooks to landfill is hugely wasteful and detrimental to the environment.

If you have a MacBook, we’d highly recommend getting it fixed – Apple computers are built to last and retain their value even after multiple refurbishments – and companies like Infinite Loop can help. Even if you repair your MacBook to sell it on and purchase a new device, you’ll benefit from the extra cash, safe in the knowledge that you’re not being wasteful and that your old model will be given a new lease of life elsewhere.

Consider a reconditioned model

If you’re ready to sell your current MacBook in order to benefit from more advanced features that newer models have to offer, purchasing new is not your only option. You might also like to consider buying a reconditioned MacBook, as refurbished devices give you the best of both worlds.

Opting for a high-quality reconditioned MacBook:

  • Will save you money. Refurbished MacBooks boast all the features of brand-new devices, without the hefty price tag.
  • Guarantees quality. When purchased from a reputable provider, refurbished MacBooks are guaranteed to perform optimally, given the rigorous testing they undergo before being sold.
  • Gives you peace of mind. All reputable dealers will provide you with a full warranty on your reconditioned purchase.
  • Will save you hassle. When you buy refurbished, you don’t have to enter into any binding buy now, pay later contracts.

Repair, replace or refurbished?

Still not sure whether to go for a new or reconditioned MacBook? Unless there’s a specific, state-of-the-art feature you’re keen to buy into, we’d always recommend going for a reconditioned model, whether you want to repair your current MacBook or take advantage of the many great second-hand MacBook devices on the market. It’s cheaper, it’s more sustainable and you’re still guaranteed to benefit from top-quality technology.

Ready to find your next MacBook?

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